Users can login to EditWrx from wrx.cgi. Users can also login directly from a page if the page is set-up for Direct Login. To login from this page tap the ESC key on your keyboard three times (AOL users type &edit). This Direct Login feature is inactive once a page has been loaded into the editor.

This page contains a Direct Login Prompt in it's source code
<script language=javascript src="/editwrx/"></script>
You can place a Direct Login Prompt on pages to allow logging in to EditWrx from the page.

The "full_page_demo" user is not allowed to navigate outside of the "/demos" folder.

To toggle the editor On/Off click the icon. To reload/refresh the page click the icon.

Notice in Full Page Mode that all borderless tables on the page are outlined, that all links are disabled when the editor is ON. Double click a table cell or image to edit it's properties. Toggle the editor Off to remove outlines and activate links.